Minggu, 28 Juni 2009

Paypal verification

how exciting to have paypal verification now very easy to do that is with a debit card from payoneer master card, this may have been a lot, but most of them do not know how to use it, and this card also comes a very long time that is 30 days since you started the list to be its affiliate. even most people can not be up to paypal for verification. to get a debit card from payoner:

1. we have to list on www.friendfinder.com
2. after that you fill in the form
3. now you have registered as a member of the friendfinder.
once registered in sign out friendfinder moment and do not close its web. under the web you will see affiliate, click the list and it becomes affiliatenya. (I recommend that when you fill out this form correctly - properly fill your address correctly, because the address that you specify a debit card is coming or not)
Ok .. after I finished the list I said congratulations you have a debit card and so you stay at home waiting for you, about - about the coming 30 days after you become a list of its affiliate.

After a debit card you must come in the card verification first. www.payoneer.com to enter, search for any posts AKTIVATE YOUR CARD in the right side of the web. the second, when the card came akan have a incoming email in your inbox, kick the link, or type the activation code for debit cards. after activation the card is active and ready for use. to verify your paypal haris fill the card at least $ 2 for paypal verification that will be restored as much as + / - $ 2, but may in a way that you do not object to or have the money at all, because I understand that I will show how to fill out a debit card is . First you must go to www.friendfinder.com its affiliate after the log in what you see? there are so many affiliate programs that generate immediate dollar is in the list so that your affiliate is the bus mandapatkan many dollars to fill your card payoneer. is easy to verify a paypal, free again. sekian postingdari aja if I have information that up ter date certain, I will post here again thanks for your support it.

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