Minggu, 28 Juni 2009

Browsing Dollar Paid

New business on the internet ... more komputerkita each connected to the internet we paid $ 1 / 2 minutes per hour so its a matter of the $ 0.5 what manteb tu ga .. bayangin aja klo ka minimal browsing on the internet that is 6 hours / day if calculated like this:
6jam X 0.5 X $ 30 = $ 90 Day I in Idr Rp. 810.000/month with the exchange rate $ 1 = Rp.9000 wow .. manteb banged tuuh ...
first direct join at cashfiesta.com you directly aj free list ... if I want to list directly click here .
I suggest to fill in the address correctly (need to address if you sesai ID card) because the address that you write will be no money to set up a goal that you can be called home sweet home ... kwekwekwek
cashfiesta each of us in the surf, that essentially we have to connect to the internet.
Where do we get money?
1. you must first list
here .
2. Fill it with the data you are correct
3. done.
after you sign up directly aja download fiesta bar its
fiesta bar is here or you can also download here it's up to you want to download is important that you make it later,,, hehehe.
aj directly after that install in your computer, and after the install ....
jreeeeng appear dah tu fiesta bar it. kalaian can browse as usual,,,
oh ya .. I forgot until we were given every 1000 points ... point = $ 1
and every day we get 1 point 500. What one can try in the ga,, ya aja khan directly list
here .

Tips N Tricks: I want to have more money, find as much downline - so many of you regular meraup dollars more and more again ... hehe

udah ahh Business akan its kind that I describe in the next dipostingan.
be. I like to go first yaah ..

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